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August 2020


This month's update will be short because,,, well, not much happened. I was hoping to have some new music up in demo form, but the recording process has been taking a bit longer than anticipated ---trying to get the sound of today's out-of-the-box-made-for-radio pop sound doesn't come quite as natural to me as what I'm used to recording. Nevertheless, several new songs continue to be recorded and worked on, and we have continued reaching out to new singers to collaborate with and record final vocal tracks. I hope to have new music up in the next month or so, but it all depends on how the songs are coming together and finding the right vocal fit for the music. I also hope to have a new blog up by the end of this month, but my latest obsession with pre-1995 Meg Ryan movies has been hard to overcome...she was (and still is) America's sweetheart despite the internet's claims of Mary Pickford to the contrary. That being said, keep checking in on the website, and don't be afraid to reach out through the site or on social media. 


As always, thanks for checking in, see you in Seattle, 


July 2020



Well, I’d like to say it was a whirlwind July in Hilton land with albums being dropped, press tours being planned, and possibly a documentary on Disney+ just to keep up with Beyonce (I’m currently boycotting Netflix for dropping the entire Back to the Future saga from their catalog), but as it turns out, it takes a little work to get to that point…Damn. I do want to start off again by saying, however, thank you to everyone who continues to reach out to us, visit the website, visit our Facebook page, and all the singers who continue to send in demos for us to take a listen to and possibly collaborate with. It’s greatly appreciated. Having launched the upgraded website really only back in May, and still trying to fully get our feet on the ground with our social media presence, every click and visit to the website or play of our songs is meaningful and helpful.


That being said, although the developments that occurred over the last month aren’t quite as sexy or flashy as the ones mentioned above, I can assure you, the wheels have kept turning behind the scenes doing a lot of the things that are, for better or worse, a required aspect of trying to get known in the music industry. I won’t get into the boring details of the countless emails I send out trying to make networking moves with other Minnesota bands and agencies, or the obscure radio stations I pander to across the country begging to give Uncle Hilton some air time, but many things of that nature have been in motion. As always, the conversations I get to have with singers and other musicians from around the country when we have that first exciting talk about possibly doing a song together is always a thrill. I mentioned it in the first Hilton blog a couple months back, but there’s nothing like the first time working with a new singer or planning a project to get the creative juices flowing.


On the Horizon---  New music is constantly being written and recorded in the home studio…A.K.A Auggie’s basement, and the hope will be to get some new music up online (if even in demo form) in the coming weeks.


Calling All Singers---Hilton is always looking to work with like-minded singers and musicians, so if you’re even slightly curious about what we’re up to or possibly working together, reach out. (Maybe you know a friend, hell maybe you know two. Crazier things have happened) I can assure you, I’m not the monster that “Aiden” from Facebook says I am. "Rita" was never really his girl to begin with….You would get that reference if you were a true fan---hint, hint the May Edition below.


Also, you’ll probably notice if you listen to the songs we have posted, they have a rather similar sound overall, and that’s why we also have the Sampler Track included in order to give an idea of the different genres we cover apart from the more AAA or Alt rock tunes we have posted currently. Perhaps most exciting of all, Hilton has spent a fair amount of time trying to reach a more radio friendly audience with some fresh, new songs and sounds more in line with the Katy Perry’s of the world, so if that’s your thing, that is currently a niche sound for a female singer we are looking for. Furthermore, if you have an artist, or even a particular song in mind that you would really like to create a song around, let me know. While I prefer the singers that come in talking about Pat Benetar, Haley Williams, Adele, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Ben Nichols, or Chuck Foster, if you are currently hearing some sort of Ja Rule meets Linda Ronstadt vibe going on in your head, let me know. I love trying to replicate sounds. (You never know, who would have guessed Ja Rule meets J-lo….ahh 2001, such a simpler time)


Tele-Tracking---Hilton mentioned this in his first blog a few months back, but given the whole Covid-19 thing seems to be hanging around (who would have thought crowded bars and house parties weren’t a good idea during a pandemic), we are always interested in remote singers or musicians who have access to their own recording space so that there is no need to have to crowd into a tiny recording area to work together. I wasn’t being facetious above when I said we have had singers from all over (Nashville, Colorado, Twin Cities) that have contacted us. (This plays well to my Phantom of the Opera mystique of avoiding direct pictures and being seen at all costs. I’m actually a miniature fighter pilot who has been somehow placed inside a mild mannered store clerk…props to those that pick up that reference)


As always, thanks for checking in, hope you enjoyed the ride, you’re exit is on the right,





June 2020


The Hilton Scott News Letter is no more…just joking. No need to worry, Uncle Hilton hasn’t forgot his monthly check-in with his fans, but this month there won’t be a full newsletter since, quite frankly, nothing much happened over the course of June regarding updates in Hilton Land. Given the chaotic state of the world at large, the month of June saw some much more important things take place globally with social protests, a return to a rising number of Covid-19 cases, and a sweltering summer heat that has led to what we call in the business a little downtime and a little time for Hilton… there’s a reason they call it a summer vacation people. That being said, the biggest update at the moment is that Hilton Scott songs have started circulating on Jango (not the lovable, fun time block game), but a music streaming site. Although we’re far from viral, it was exciting and nice to see that the music has started to take hold a bit more outside of the local (and most loyal) fan base. With that, I hope you keep checking in on the Hilton Scott Blog as new articles go up routinely (or when I’m not being lazy), and you keep telling your friends to check out the music. In the meantime, keep in touch and stay safe. See you in August.






May 2020

Well, we made it month two of the newsletter, can you believe it…. frankly I’m stunned. First off, I want to thank everyone who lent their support and encouragement last month for a number of efforts put in place to get the Hilton Scott Monthly Newsletter up and running, an updated website, the blog moving forward, and a solid (albeit still lacking) presence on social media. Who the hell knew social media took up so much of a person’s time? So, to everyone that helped undertake those projects, thank you. However, I also want to send out a giant thank you to everyone that sent words of encouragement and support in my endeavor to branch out into the social media world. I really appreciate it! I still haven’t sent out my first tweet yet (though I somehow have some oversea followers already eagerly awaiting that breakout moment?), but be assured, you will hear about it when I do.


Moving on from the thank you’s, the month of May was a busy one in Hilton land. Ironically, very little on the actual music front took place (I jest), but the social media launch and work on the website was a time-consuming effort. I do have a new found appreciation for those of you out there who have launched successful social media campaigns, as it really is a lot of work for very little initial pay off. I’ll admit that it was somewhat disappointing in those first few days after the launch when the only response I had received was at 3 a.m. from a guy named Aiden who called me out on Facebook for “getting back together with Rita” and warning me it was going to be a “big problem”. However, if Aiden is reading this, I assure him (and all my fans) I was not with Rita that night...we typically hang out on Tuesdays.


Another big segment that took place in May was my interview with Chris Allen on the Kool 101.7 Morning Show. First off, I have to say that Chris (he lets me call him Chris) is a really cool guy, and I want to thank him again for letting me be on the show. On top of that, he also wrote up a nice article on the Kool 101.7 website talking about Hilton Scott was also much appreciated. Chris has been doing this weekly segment for artists not only in Duluth but around the region since quarantine was put into place, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. If you missed the interview, I believe the link I included still posts to the article.


I joked earlier about not doing too much music stuff, but as always, the month was filled with little projects here and there trying to help move the process along. On top of spending a great deal of time on recording new music and trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with sound engineering, I also got to meet (over the phone) a number of talented singers that have shown interest in working together moving forward, so I definitely have a number of projects on the horizon which is always nice.


On the Horizon ---


A number of talented singers have submitted vocal samples and I look forward to moving forward with a handful of singers to work on upcoming tracks. One area I’m focusing on at the moment is finishing some more songs with female vocalists so I can expand on the genre and styles I write and record.


The next Hilton Newsletter


We made it to month two so help me make it to month three by joining the mailing list and getting your monthly reminder to check in with Uncle Hilton (and that in no way is creepy). I’m always available for questions or whatever else you may want to chat about, so feel free to write back or respond to the newsletter or blog, or in whatever manner you may see fit to do so. While it was nice to be messaged at 3 a.m. and apparently involved in some sort of online love triangle, I am hoping for future social media interactions to be less dramatic.


Thanks again to everyone that helped make the social media launch a minor success in May and to everyone that responded and took the time to say some kind (or not so kind) things about the music. A good friend of mine made the mention of Jimmy Eats World meets the Hooters to give his take on some of the Hilton music, and if you know me at all, that was high praise.


Look forward to seeing you next month,





Welcome to the first official Hilton Scott Monthly News Update

April 2020


Well, April is officially in the books, and what a crazy month it’s been! And interestingly enough, not just for me on a personal level. It’s safe to say it’s been probably the most bizarre spring I can remember in my lifetime; Schools are shut down, businesses are closed, people are wearing masks, we’re being encouraged to beam sun light directly into the body, professional sports have been halted, and even March Madness was brought to its knees by this strange time (I know people who literary plan their entire year around that event), yet through it all, we try to go on as best as we can. At least that’s what I tell myself, and it makes me feel marginally better.


Introduce newsletter/purpose


That being said, I’ve tried to use the time productively and start generating a little more effort into my social media presence and give the world what they really want…another guy in his basement spouting off half-baked theories about who knows what… All joking aside, I have been wanting to get more interactive with fans and friends that do take an interest in songwriting and recording, so I wanted to  introduce what I hope to be a monthly newsletter for fans or friends of Hilton Scott so they can get an update on any new songs or news that happens throughout the year in Hilton land. I realize folks don’t want to be harassed around the clock to take a listen to a latest song I recorded or video I posted, so I thought this could be a gentle reminder once a month to check in with your pal Hilton and see what’s new. If you would like this gentle nudge forward CLICK HERE to sign up.


The hope is that the Hilton Newsletter will mention a few things that happened throughout the month; mainly things like new songs recorded, videos posted on the web, new collaborations, Blog topics, media attention, and upcoming events, but also (if you’re really lucky) the good headlines like “Hilton goes off on rant about the downfall of analog recording” or “Why are we only limited to 12 tones in the Chromatic Scale?”). I also hope to keep the newsletter interactive and would love to hear what my fellow friends, songwriters, and musicians are doing to get a leg up on the competition. If you have your own thing going, tell us about it and perhaps we’ll include you as a guest blogger or featured interview. If you’re out there and doing it, we want to know about it!


Note that in an effort to save a modicum of dignity and professionalism, I will be writing headlines in third-person as to give the cool impression they were drafted by my minions.


Since this is technically the first newsletter, I’ll get you caught up to speed on where we are:


Hilton quietly debuts professional EP in early 2020—I’m sure you read about it in all the … wait, oh yeah. Well, you know about it now. You can hear Hilton on Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and of course, here on the Hilton website. The recording took place mostly in 2019 at Sound 5 Studios (may be worth asking Owen if they would like the plug and link here---could be a way to network by giving them a plug and ourselves in the process) The experience was fantastic and I’m happy to share more about it if there are questions.


Hilton Scott song “California Nights” makes it to Semi-Finalist phase of International Songwriting Competition – Although we didn’t win, it was still really nice to make it to even this level as I think the number was around 15% or so of submitted songs make it to the semis, so that was definitely cool.


Hilton Scott joins forces with Kid Highway to pay tribute to the Boss (Bruce Springsteen & and E-Street Band) --- Ever the admirer of Springsteen, and his nearly unfathomable catalogue of original songs, Kid Highway uses Springsteen titles and lyrics to create a story. Take a listen now and see if you can name every Boss song included in the track.


Hilton Takes to Social Media with a … well, I guess we’ll see. ---- Like Hilton on Facebook, follow the Hilton Twitter, and check out the weekly blog and latest video postings related to all things songwriting and recording, and of course, Hilton Scott


On the Horizon


Hilton will be doing a radio interview with Chris Allen from 101.7 in Duluth on May 11, 2020


A number of talented singers have submitted vocal samples and we look forward to moving forward with a handful of singers to work on upcoming tracks.


The next Hilton Newsletter


I do hope that we can start to get some interaction with songwriters and musicians (after all- collaboration and getting your name out there is the name of the game), so please take the time to take a listen, share your own experiences or thoughts, or pass on the site and information to someone who might be interested.


We are always looking to work with talented singers for any number of projects we currently are tracking and welcome all singers to submit vocal samples.


Thanks, and I hope to be back in a month. If not, we had a hell of a run.



© 2020 HiltonScottMusic