The Making of a Song

Some songs take a few hours to put together, other's are years in the making...Video Trailer Coming Soon!

Latest Song

Latest acoustic ballad featuring the superb vocals of Nick Grant @nickgrantful

Singers and lyricists currently needed for pop songs, country, and big ballad...

Waking Up

Katy Perry Style song about the summer...Lyrics written with co-writer, currently in need of a vocalist

Lonely town


Big voice driven ballad a la Adele, melody and lyrics available on request. 

Night Call

Dark sound, Rihanna feel. Seeking the right voice and lyrical input

Quittin' Time

Upbeat, country pop...think Pistol Annies with big female presence needed

Hilton Scott Making of a Song Video Trailer Coming Soon ...

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What Is Hilton Scott Music

The simple answer…earworms…music and hooks that get stuck in the head for days, weeks, and years after hearing them. The sole purpose of Hilton Scott Music is to provide top quality music and lyrics to artists of all levels designed with the specific purpose of commercial success. We are not in the business of rerecording the White Album… “experimental, see what happens, or trying something different,” isn’t in our vocabulary. Music was meant to be heard and enjoyed, not written about in music theory courses or debated over by music critics, and that’s the approach Hilton Scott Music takes with every project!

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Singers Wanted

If you are looking to do a collaboration, be a featured vocalist, or contribute lyrics on a Hilton Scott Song, please send a message and vocal samples highlighting your voice and preferred genre. If you're a songwriter or lyricist yourself and looking to use Hilton's experience to help bring your own ideas to life, schedule a call now.

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Publishers/Music Management/Media Rep

If you are a publisher looking for songwriters or a music manager representing a singer that would be interested in using a Hilton Scott song, contact us below. Hilton Scott Music also takes music request projects for radio/commercials/tv.