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Hilton Scott is a musician, songwriter, and composer from Duluth, MN. Picking up his first six string over twenty years ago, HS has been writing, recording, and performing music ever since. Committed to constantly growing as a songwriter and expanding his musical capabilities, HS has continued to learn additional instruments and musical styles along the way.

After devoting much of his youth to mastering the guitar, HS spent several years through his 20's playing gigs around the Upper Midwest. These experiences focused largely on cover music where he thoroughly loved the interaction of playing music to live audiences, whether it was five people or five hundred. The experience of performing for a wide variety of audiences also provided HS the opportunity to immerse himself in a range of musical genres, and more importantly, learn how to connect with a variety of audiences.

Following his time as a live performer, HS shifted his focus  to songwriting and recording. Having always felt a passion to create, for the past three years he has poured his time and energy into writing and recording original music with the hopes of creating a diverse catalog of original music and ultimately gain recognition as an established songwriter. Always on the lookout to work with ambitious and like-minded artists, as well as fill the full potential of each song he creates, HS has collaborated with a variety of different singers and musicians who are featured on many of the songs. 

HS releases a number of songs under the fitting name of Hilton Scott. An EP was recorded in 2019.

HS is also a writer, releasing books, screenplays, and freelance writing in his spare time. 

Hilton Scott 

HS Album Cover Version 3.jpg


Duluth, MN


Pop, Country, AAA, Rock, Alternative, Sing Along

Years Active:

2017- Present


Hilton Scott Publishing


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