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What we do

Fully written tracks for singers

Work with lyricists 

Songs/jingles/music from scratch

What is Hilton Scott Music

With a catalogue of 50+ songs ready for consumption, and a continually growing hard drive of new material being recorded in several popular genres daily, Hilton Scott Music will help artists and singers with every step of the songwriting process from conception to final production. That could mean anything from pairing an already completed song with the perfect voice to working with specific visions of what a singer wants a new track to sound like and starting from scratch. Hilton Scott Music is more than four chords and a lyric sheet. It’s about getting a song to sound the way it was always meant to be heard…that means arrangement, sounds, textures, dynamics, and of course, memorable words.

What Hilton Scott Music Is Not

Hilton Scott Music is not a record label. We don’t sign artists. We are not a professional studio. Depending on project specifics, we will do everything in our power to help singers and artists with aspects of those items, but they are not the driving force behind Hilton Scott Music.

What's in it for Hilton Scott Music

Passion—Entertainers entertain, creative people create…it’s just what they do. They may not always be great at it, and we may not always hit top 10 on the charts, but we will continue to try and provide the highest levels of entertainment, always shooting for the next number one.

RECOGNITION --- As with the Hilton Scott Writing website, we’re well aware that a single person doesn’t make it alone in life, at least not in any meaningful sense. Creativity is not born in a vacuum. It comes from people interacting. The same is true for recognition. Writing a good song, having an amazing voice, penning a classic novel, writing a clever punchline, or being so gifted you were meant to perform with Mozart, none of which mean anything without getting heard…depressing, we know.


 Hilton Scott Music is looking to bring together incredible voices with the perfectly matched song to help expose our music and those individuals to the world...In short, your success is our success. Hilton Scott Music, like you, is looking to help make a name for itself, and this is the vehicle that we’ve chosen to help promote that. That means helping others up along the way, not stepping over them.


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Meet The Team

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Hilton (Scotty) Scott

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