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Monthly Newsletter

Happy New Year!


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and is refreshed for the year ahead. We certainly are excited to get back into the swing of things, which means new songs, new genres, and new singers to introduce!


HSM has recently reassessed its production capabilities and works daily to provide listeners with the best sound quality and presentation possible. A handful of songs will be released in the upcoming months, ranging from Female Rock and Country to Piano Ballad and Indie… Unfortunately, this means some delay in production. Rest assured; several songs are already recorded.


In the meantime, feel free to revisit some of HSM’s earlier material. In particular, as we enter the Valentine’s Day season, be sure to check out Still the One, featuring Pauline Mykell. This song went under the radar when it was released last year…


Cheers to a New Year,



1. Daniel - Elton John

2. Kentucky Woman - Neil Diamond

December News Letter


Happy Holidays,


It’s been a great November, and shaping up to be an exciting close to the year at HSM. We were so happy with how Lonely Town turned out, and we can’t say enough nice things about Alexandra Livshitz and her powerhouse vocals. We hope everyone enjoyed the song and music video. Alexandra is exceptionally talented, so if you haven’t already, show her some love and check out her profile and other work.


If you didn’t get a chance to hear it last year, HSM put out a single, Christmas Time, in 2021, a day before Christmas. Because of the timing, we’re not sure it got the attention it deserved, so here it is again. Joey Law is a favorite collaborator to work with here in the halls of HSM, so you might recognize his voice from that on Top Down, released in the summer. Be sure to take in some Holiday Cheer and check it out!


While this year has seen its share of ups and downs, learning curves, and complications, it’s also been extremely rewarding. 10 new songs, 6 new singers, and a wealth of connections within the industry. Three new songs are already deep into production, and we can’t wait to start releasing those in the New Year. Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to listen to a song, give a thumbs up, share a link, or say a kind word. It means the world to everyone at HSM, so thank you! We are excited about the upcoming year and the music to come in 2023.


The future’s so bright, gotta wear shades,



January News Letter

October 2022

Hello all,


Try as we might, sometimes song releases just get pushed back. However, we can assure you that the latest track from HSM, Lonely Town (Ft. Alexandra Livshitz) will be released during the month of November with a new music video. This has been a very special project for Hilton, and the team is really working to make sure the final product is everything the listener deserves. Thank you for your patience. 

In the meantime, our friends over at HSW have released a handful of podcast episodes and a Mystery Radio Theater piece. HSM did "cater" the soundtracks, so feel free to check those out if you're hard-pressed for a tune. 

The waiting is still the hardest part,





September 2022

Hello all, 

There’s no denying that recording and producing music can be a slow process, and it’s no different here at HSM. With summer officially ending, a big push on the latest release Cut the Rope (feat. Kiera Lyons w/9Eleven), and Hilton himself in California for the past week, the month of September has lulled on without any new tracks to share. Fret not, however, as plenty is yet to come during the final quarter of 2022.


HSM is extremely excited about two new releases that are in post-production. One ballad, Lonely Town, and One rocker, a la Olivia Rodrigo style; Should Have Known Better. Both tracks have been very time-consuming, but we anticipate the final products to be available soon. …In our defense, most artists release an album, on average, every two years. HSM puts out a new song every month. That includes writing, recording, networking with singers, marketing, promos, music videos, negotiating contracts, etc. The list could go on and on.


Finally, thank you again to all the new fans that reached out to HSM with the latest release of Cut the Rope. The song saw great feedback and attention on Spotify, so we want to thank everyone who took the time to listen to the track and share, post, forward, or otherwise help get the song in front of additional listeners. It means a great deal to HSM.


The waiting is the hardest part,





August 2022 

Well, Labor Day is almost here, which means a couple things. Adults everywhere are looking desperately for a final three-day weekend to enjoy that last bit of summer…it won’t happen, but I guess you can dream.  The second is kids everywhere wondering "What was Dojo Cat wearing at the VMAs," "Why didn't Harry Styles win," and "When will Chumbawamba finally get their long overdue Lifetime Achievement Award?" Hilton, of course, is excited about none of this, and that’s because there’s much more exciting news in Hilton Land...New Music!


We promised new music last month, and we would be nothing if we couldn’t stick to our word. If you haven’t checked it out already, please take a listen to Cut the Rope ft. Kiera Lyons w/9Eleven, the latest release from HSM. We told you last month this young lady was talented, and boy, did we understate it! We couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out, and we hope everyone who has taken the time to learn more about Kiera and listen to the song agrees. Also, a great thanks to 9Eleven for his part in the song. The rap/hip hop game does not come naturally to a portly white guy from the Midwest (Hilton…not 9Eleven), but 9Eleven did a great take, laying down exactly what we had in mind to help give the song a modern touch. Many thanks to both of those artists who helped make this song happen.


For those of you out there not content with audio content only, we eagerly await the official music video of Cut the Rope in mid-September, so keep an eye out for that. Also happening in mid-September…Cut the Rope will become available on all major platforms, but in the time being…hint hint, you can now download the song from the website for FREE! Don’t ever say Hilton isn’t a giver.


October will only see more new music and new talent with the much-anticipated Lonely Town. A song that many singers have reached out to us about taking part in, but alas, only one voice turned out to be the one that fit the song perfectly. We are super excited for that song to release in the coming weeks, but for right now, let’s stick focused on the music at hand, Cut the Rope.


To everything turn, turn, turn,




July 2022 HSM Monthly News Letter




Summer burns on and so does the music. As August takes shape, Back to Summer Sales flood the commercial market, and Hilton spends his nights blaring Hot August Night by one of the greatest songwriters out there, the fabulous Neil Diamond, we can’t be more pleased and excited to be in the position we’re in. We’ve partnered with a wealth of talent over the year, and we can’t wait for all that hard work and effort to start dripping out with new videos and music over the next couple of months, beginning with a song titled Cut the Rope in August.


The song features the incredible talent of a young woman named Kiera Lyons, and she’s pretty damn impressive. If she’s not already on your radar as an up-and-coming talent, she definitely needs to be. Kiera does it all, acting, singing, writing – the list goes on and on -- so naturally, we’re thrilled to have convinced her to partner up for a song with HSM. Needless to say, the end result has left Hilton with goosebumps, a hard thing to do.


On a fun side note, and to those who like to send us hateful letters about not getting to the music right away, registering songs for release, copyrights, etc is a relatively slow process, so we are moving as best we can. The product is ready and primed, it’s just a matter of getting the I’s dotted and T’s crossed, so to speak. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t prep yourself by getting acquainted with Kiera’s extraordinary voice immediately. Please take some time to visit any one of her platforms below to show her some love prior to the release. She’ll also be performing at The Attitude Lounge in Beverly Hills on Saturday, August 6th at 10 pm. If you’re in the area, the show will be well worth your time.





Apple Music:






For those out there that are just too damn impatient and still left wanting after checking out Kiera, feel free to check out the Video of the Month from the HSM collection, Lonely Hearts. If you’re still unsatisfied, well, my friend, that’s on you, not us.







June Monthly News Letter


Hello all,


Happy 4th of July! It feels like we just got done kicking off June with a holiday weekend, and here we are again, on the cusp of yet another extended vacation from the daily grind. Break out the fireworks, lawn darts, Skid-Row tank-tops, cutoff jeans, tippy-cut table, and prepare to double-fist the cold ones all weekend long…oh, and remember to pay tribute to the country too…Take in a parade or two.


Summer has been jam-packed for HSM, but that is certainly not a complaint. Hilton is always in a much better mood when a lot is going on, so we’re thankful for that… He’s been known to bite before when cornered or angry. But don’t think it’s just about the workload we’re excited about right now. We’re stoked about the music that we’re releasing!


First up, we really hope you enjoy the latest track, Top Down. Initially, HSM had this titled Post Malone, but the “powers that be” at our Distribution channels vetoed that title. Not sure who Taylor Swift had to grease to get her breakout hit Tim McGraw titled as such, but apparently, we don’t have access to the same people. For the record, that’s not a shot at Taylor, as we are big fans of her entire catalog here at HSM. To see a fellow songwriter break out into the star she has is the hope that keeps the folks at HSM pushing forward.


That said, we really hope you can give "Top Down" a listen. It was written with summer in mind, and we couldn’t be prouder of how the song and accompanying music video turned out. As with Wild, Summer Nights, the vision in mind for this song a year ago when the first guitar parts were recorded has never wavered, and we hit precisely what we set out to deliver. We don’t want to drop any spoilers here, but the music video does end on a sadder note concerning Hilton’s beloved 98 Chrysler Sebring JXi. Unfortunately, the “’Bring” as it was affectionately referred to, took its last ride into that big parking lot in the sky. But, enough with the sadness. Download the song and enjoy. We know you will!


As summer sweats on, we will be releasing two more new songs, both with tremendous talent in the vocal department. We’ve been spending a great deal of time in the post-production of these new songs and can’t wait to release them for public consumption in a few short weeks. Two females behind the mic, two ballads, and with any luck, some memorable songs that live through the ages.


If you haven’t already, grab the free summertime mix that HSM is currently sharing. It’s the 4th, so what the hell, give the people what they want, right? And who doesn’t love free music?


“Roll out the barrel…,



May Monthly News Letter


It’s Memorial Day Weekend, so Happy Unofficial Kickoff to Summer! There’s always a bit of magic in the air as the weather warms and long summer nights take hold. Whether you’re out in the backyard grilling, headed to the cabin for the weekend, or just staying cool in the basement like Hilton, the possibilities of summer always feel limitless, and this year is no different. HSM is very excited to release some Top 40 Pop tracks later this summer, but we first want to again thank Carissa Hoard for her outstanding work on our latest release, Break Away. Carissa brought a powerhouse performance to a track that yearned for a passionate and expressive lead vocal, and she nailed it. Hilton is always saying there aren’t enough Power Ballads on the radio these days, so we set out to change that. Please take a moment to check out Carissa’s performance and learn more about her.


From the heavy subject matter of Break Away, we move to a lighter feel as June progresses. The upcoming month will see the release of a new track and music video for the latest hit from HSM titled Post Malone. That’s right…Hilton’s hip and with it. While he may prefer to put Jay and the Americans on repeat, modern musicians and music certainly have their charms, so we are very excited about this latest release. Sometimes, you just have to give the people what they want, and this seems to be the direction music is headed…acoustic, pop, light, and always very “sing along.” We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Although summer is generally a time for long weekends and at least one relatively extended vacation, things won’t be slowing down here at HSM. Three new female singers have joined the efforts, and we continue to work day and night to keep those projects on track and ready for release in the upcoming weeks and months. Two of the songs are already recorded, in that glorious phase of mixdown and production, while two new projects are just taking shape as the fabulous female leads help bring the music to life. When we say there’s magic in the air at the top of the newsletter, it’s because we believe it. There is some excellent music on the way!


Catch a wave,



April Monthly News Letter


The first Trimester of the year is in the books, and while “numbers” remained stable throughout the first quarter, projections are high on excitement for things to come Mid-Year. Musk edged us out on our attempt to overtake Twitter, but we’ll persevere nonetheless. Now, our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for aggressive expansion. If you are a singer, songwriter, lyricist, musician, or critic in waiting, feel free to reach out and get involved. Q1 saw some talented male singers hit the airwaves providing top-notch vocals for the music we write and record here at HSM…James Aldridge, Sean Killeen, Brian Palay, to mention a few. Hilton even dropped some vocals for a quiet release in late April for “This Heart of Mine.


Quarter 2 projections and beyond are looking good. Riding a wave of fresh, new female voices, May will be kicked off with the extremely talented Carissa Hoard giving life to a new ballad, Break Away. You should expect that release to be happening around mid to late May. It’s high time we bring back the “true” female ballad, and HSM couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out. We don’t’ hear enough “Heart-Esque” music on the radio these days, and this will be our humble attempt to redress those woes. We’ll be adding some links later in the month when the music video drops, so stay tuned. Close on the heels of that release will be a barrage of summer releases, highlighting a handful of new singers and collaborations. Think fun in the sun, modern beats, and an homage to our man, Post Malone.


Special shoutout to our friends over at Hilton Scott Writing. They launched their “flagship” content, “Reckless Ray Power Hour,” in April, and we hear things…not necessarily good things, but we have certainly heard things about it. Feel free to give them an ear on your morning commute if you’re into the podcast scene.


April showers bring May flowers,





March Monthly News Letter


Wow…March is already coming to a close and it feels like forever since HSM released its last track back in February. Have no fear though, March is closing out with a Lion’s Roar, figuratively speaking, as we dropped an Alt-Country addition to the song catalog with Bonnie & Clyde. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the music video or stream the song on Spotify along with our other recent tracks, feel free to check them out at the links provided. Hilton likes to classify the song as a bit of Alt-Country Lucero meets Rascal Flatts, but feel free to give your own interpretation. Whatever your take, we hope you enjoy it!


Although the music releases may have been sparse the past 6 weeks … my goodness, only two new songs… have no fear, a number of new songs were finished that are lining up for some exciting summer releases. New music continues to be recorded daily, and we can’t wait to show off some of the other songwriters, singers, and artists we have been working with along the way. We promised 2022 would be bringing some big things, and the way the recording sessions have been going, it’s looking like we won’t be lying.


March also saw the release of a new podcast from the kooks over at Hilton Scott Writing. Apparently, they got some damn nut from Florida doing a podcast show with 'em, and we know they were excited to get that up and running off the cutting room floor this month. If you haven’t already, please stop by the HSW website and YouTube station to check it out.


It’s been a very fun first few months of the year, and we are looking forward to several new releases, projects, and music videos to come.


“The best have chased us, but we’re still one step ahead,”



February 2022 Monthly Newsletter


Let’s get ready for some March Madness. State Hockey and Final Five time in MN, Sweet Sixteen, and of course, new music from the halls of HSM. Fortunately, Hilton has promised he learned his lesson from last year and won’t be “betting it all” on the Fighting Illini. Last April saw the loss of many amenities with that poorly thought-out wager, and everyone here at HSM will be happy if that isn’t the case again this year. But, before looking forward to our own March Madness news, a special thanks to Ms. Pauline Mykell for her stellar vocals on Still the One, released Valentine’s Day 2022. Big shout out to everyone who checked out the music video and returned their valentine to HSM. Much appreciated.


HSM hasn’t been wasting any time in 2022. Two new releases have already hit the internet, a handful of songs are already recorded -- pending release dates in the weeks and months ahead, and a several new projects are taking shape. For those observant types out there, you may have noticed a few tracks have been taken off the Singers Wanted page…4, to be precise. That’s because Hilton has started working with the very talented songwriter Christina V Montgomery, and several of the songs that had needed lyrics suddenly have a new, exciting direction. While there aren’t any hard deadlines set for when those tracks will be making their way to release, make sure to check out Christina’s other work and musical pursuits in the meantime. We are very excited to join forces with Christina on a handful of songs and look forward to releasing those joint projects as they proceed through the production stages.


In a collaboration of creativity, the guys and gals over at Hilton Scott Writing have come up with some work of their own and will be releasing “podcasts” throughout the month. We look forward to helping them get their projects off the ground, so make sure to check in at to hear those unique sonic experiences. However, that doesn’t mean we will be skipping out on new music entirely. Later in the month, expect some well-timed grit and attitude with a new country track titled Bonnie & Clyde. And, in a colossal teaser alert, HSM has some inspiring power ballads coming down the pipeline. It’s been a depressing reality of the music community that the power ballad has seemed to fade in recent years, but come hell or high water, HSM will do their part to revitalize the lost song form. Hilton has always said he wouldn’t be the person he is today without Foreigner’s I want to Know What Love Is or Faster Pussycat’s House of Pain, and since we try not to be in the business of questioning his whims in the magical month that is March Madness, we'll leave it at that.





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