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Monthly Newsletter

April 2024

Spring is in the air, 


What a spring so far...March Madness, Opening Day, and of course, Hilton had big news to share with Lonely Hearts being selected as a Semi-Finalist in the 2023 International Songwriting Competition. You can click on the icon below to view the list of other semi-finalists or check out the music video.  











We were so grateful to be chosen and couldn't be more excited to again be recognized alongside so many other talented songwriters and artists. Please check out the song and help show support. 

In other exciting news, for the one or two of you who frequent the site for the "purely" Hilton releases, that is, the tunes Hilton takes lead vox on, the long wait is over for the release of The Long Way. It's got an Alt-Country vibe about it. Also, what better way to start of the new Baseball Season than with a some highlights from the best their ever was. Enjoy!

More tracks to be released soon...








Seeking Singers for the 2024 season.


The music will be running the gamut---pop, rock, ballads, indie, and even a little hip-hop, so we are very excited to start the search for new voices. If you've had a chance to peruse the HSM site, hopefully, you know we try to write and make music to cater to all types of voices and styles, so please feel free to reach out if you are interested in working together. Even if there's not a current project that fits your style, chances are we have ideas and rough recordings for various genres and artists should they present themselves. As we often say, if you have the voice, we have the reach out.


More to Come,



1. The Wanderer - Dion

2.The Streak - Ray Stevens

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