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A Brief Thought on Wild, Summer Nights

As we mentioned in the June Monthly Newsletter, I wanted to add a quick memo about the latest track produced by Hilton Scott Music, Wild, Summer Nights featuring John Fullwood. While I've been fortune enough to have been part of dozens of songs and collaborations of music and lyrics over the years (50+ and always growing), I can say without a doubt, this song holds a special place personally to me. Although it shouldn't be uncommon for a songwriter to leave a little piece behind in each song they help create, this song in particular was a track that has been in the making for years and is probably the closest I've personally come in creating a song that uses the melody, lyrics, and vision to help capture a moment, feeling, and time in life.

Having been fortune enough to grow up in a time when kids were still free to be kids, ride their bikes carefree around town, and each summer day and night truly did take on an adventure of its own with first kisses, new "secret spots" found, and an indescribable feeling of independence and possibility, it's little wonder movies like The Goonies, The Sandlot, and Stand By Me resonated with me on a deeper level. It was a feeling of nostalgia, of what it was like to be 12, 13, 19, or 21 on a summer night, when waking up for school or work the next day never seemed to be a concern. From the song titles mentioned in the track, to the imagery and feel of the music in general, this song helps take me back to those memories like they were yesterday, and it's my hope, maybe, just maybe, they can do the same for the listener.

A great thanks to John Fullwood, a professional singer based out of LA, who took the time (and patience) to work through my never ending and annoying requests for his vocals on the track.

Hope you enjoy,


PS. If we can get some shares on FB for the song, HS will do a personal video Truffle-Shuffle for the crowd...just saying.

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